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Computational and Applied Mathematics Colloquium (2012 Archive)

Fridays from 03:35pm to 04:25pm in MB106

This colloquium, following the style discussed on the AMS web site, focuses on a broad question in the field or discusses a specific question in a general way to facilitate a conversation between researchers (including graduate students) with different areas of expertise. The talk is 50 minutes long plus about 10 minutes for questions.
The schedule of speakers is below.

13 Jan 2012Xiaozhe Hu, Penn State MathematicsEffective Preconditioners for Reservoir Simulation
20 Jan 2012Harbir Antil, U. MarylandReduced Order Modeling for Parametric Nonlinear PDE Constrained Optimization Problems
27 Jan 2012 To Be Announced
3 Feb 2012M. Kawski, Arizona State UniversityA conservation law modeling a highly re-entrant manufacturing system
10 Feb 2012Bernd Ammann, Regensburg University, GermanyRegularity results for Schroedinger operators
17 Feb 2012Fuqing Zhang, Penn State MetereologyComputational Issues in Numerical Weather Prediction
24 Feb 2012 To Be Announced
2 Mar 2012Ivan Yotov, University of PittsburghCANCELLED: Stochastic multiscale modeling of porous media flows (the talk was cancelled!!!)
9 Mar 2012Spring breakNo talk
16 Mar 2012Hongkai Zhao, UC IrvineHomogenization for a class of convex Hamilton-Jacobi equations
23 Mar 2012Diane Henderson, Penn State MathematicsWaves at an air-water interface when the air and the water are Navier-Stokes fluids
30 Mar 2012 To Be Announced
6 Apr 2012Zhimin Zhang, Wayne State Univ.Unclaimed Territories of Superconvergence: Spectral and Spectral Collocation Methods
13 Apr 2012Pablo Seleson, UT AustinBlending Schemes for Concurrent Coupling of Local and Nonlocal Models in Multiscale Solid Mechanics
16 Apr 2012
2:30pm - 3:30pm
Professor Jibin Li, KMUST, ChinaOn the studies of the singular travelling waves equations: dynamical system approach
20 Apr 2012 To Be Announced
27 Apr 2012 To Be Announced
4 May 2012 To Be Announced
9 May 2012

4:00pm - 5:00pm
Vesselin Petkov, University Bordeaux 1, Institute Mathematique de BordeauxExponentially growing solutions of the wave equation with compact time-periodic potentials
24 Aug 2012 To Be Announced
31 Aug 2012Taichia Lin, National Taiwan UniversityNew Types of Poisson-Boltzmann Equations
7 Sep 2012Evelyn Lunasin, U. Michigan MathematicsOptimal mixing and optimal stirring for fixed energy, fixed power or fixed palenstrophy flows
14 Sep 2012Leopold Grinberg, Brown UniversityA coupled atomistic-continuum blood flow simulation on 300K computer cores
21 Sep 2012Camil Muscalu, Cornell UniversityIterated Fourier series and physical reality
28 Sep 2012Xiangen Hu, the University of MemphisStatistical Closure of MPT Models under Parameter Constraints
5 Oct 2012Chun Liu, Penn State MathematicsOnsager's Maximum Dissipation Principle, General Diffusions and Optimal Transport
12 Oct 2012Michael Renardy, Virginia Tech MathOn the well-posedness of the hydrostatic limit in fluid mechanics
19 Oct 2012Christian Klingenberg, Wuerzburg University, GermanyNew numerical solvers for Hydro- and Magnetohydrodynamics using the relaxation approach
26 Oct 2012Paul Lammert, Physics Dept. PSUFoundations of Density Functional Theory Revisited
2 Nov 2012J.N. Shadid, Sandia Natl. Lab.Scalable Implicit Solution Methods for Multiple-time-scale Multiphysics Systems: Applications from CFD, Transport/Reaction, and MHD*
6 Nov 2012

9:00am - 10:00am
Maciek Korzec, Technical University BerlinModeling and simulation of the self-assembly of crystalline microstructures
9 Nov 2012Vincent Crespi, Physics Dept PSUNanogeometry
13 Nov 2012

2:30pm - 3:20pm
Maciek Korzec, Technical University BerlinModeling and simulation of the self-assembly of crystalline microstructures
14 Nov 2012

9:05am - 9:55am
Chao Deng, University of Colorado at BoulderNorm inflation for the 2D Debye-Hu ̈ckel system in Besov Spaces
16 Nov 2012Hao Wu, Mathematics, Fudan University, ChinaMathematical theory for charged particles: from kinetic equations to continuum models
23 Nov 2012Thanksgiving break-No talkTo Be Announced
30 Nov 2012Roman Shvydkoy, UI ChicagoAnomalous energy dissipation and intermittency in ideal fluids
7 Dec 2012Francisco-Javier Sayas, University of Delaware, MathematicsOld and new problems on the discretization of the Stokes equation
14 Dec 2012 To Be Announced
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