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Slow Pitch Seminar (2010 Archive)

Tuesdays from 05:00pm to 06:10pm in MB106

The Seminar is a class-length (i.e. 50-minute) lecture aimed at graduate students. It is semi-formal, usually with pizza beforehand. Ideally, it describes current research being done by professors in the department at a 'softball' level suitable for graduate students taking or having recently passed the qualifying exams, and possibly seeking an interesting research niche. More broadly, it is commensurate with the Seminar's objectives to provide graduate students an overview of a niche in which they have not specialized, often by providing a sketch of one of the professors occasionally attend as well.)
19 Jan 2010Professor John Roe, Penn State UniversityThe Gauss-Bonnet theorem via the heat equation.
23 Feb 2010 To Be Announced
2 Mar 2010

12:15pm - 2:00pm
Thomas A Manteuffel, University of ColoradoWhat is computational mathematics?
16 Mar 2010Jason Morton, Penn State UniversityKernel counting and algebraic complexity theory
13 Apr 2010 To Be Announced
20 Apr 2010Luen-Chau Li, Penn State UniversityWhat is a random matrix ensemble?
27 Apr 2010 To Be Announced
4 May 2010FINAL WEEK (NO talk)FINAL WEEK (NO talk)
11 May 2010Summer Break (NO talk)Summer Break (NO talk)
24 Aug 2010 To Be Announced
31 Aug 2010 To Be Announced
7 Sep 2010 To Be Announced
14 Sep 2010 To Be Announced
21 Sep 2010 To Be Announced
28 Sep 2010 To Be Announced
5 Oct 2010Mark Levi, Department of Mathemaics, Penn State UniversitySome open problems in dynamics
19 Oct 2010 To Be Announced
26 Oct 2010 To Be Announced
2 Nov 2010 To Be Announced
9 Nov 2010John Roe, Department of Mathematics, Penn State UniversityWhat is an eta invariant
16 Nov 2010 To Be Announced
23 Nov 2010 To Be Announced
30 Nov 2010 To Be Announced
7 Dec 2010Anna Mazzucato, Penn StateInverse problems: imaging and cloaking
14 Dec 2010 To Be Announced
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