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The Pritchard Lab Seminar (2010 Archive)

Mondays from 02:30pm to 03:30pm in MB315

The Pritchard Lab seminar provides a flexible forum in which scientists of all disciplines can present research problems to which mathematics might contribute. It is sponsored by and associated with the W. G. Pritchard Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, and is held in 315 McAllister Building.
12 Apr 2010
Ronald E. Mickens
Dept of Physics
Clark Atlanta University
An introduction to Nonstandard Finite Difference Methods for ODEs
26 Apr 2010
Timothy Reluga
Dept of Mathematics
Penn State
Behavior, Immunity, and Dynamics in Simple Epidemiology Models
3 May 2010
Andrew Belmonte
Dept of Mathematics
Penn State
Bubbly Turbulence and the Sedimentation of Rigid Objects
30 Aug 2010Chris Griffin
Applied Research Laboratory
Penn State
Optimal Response Control for Systems Modeled with Symbolic Transfer Functions
13 Sep 2010Vishal Vasan
Dept of Applied Mathematics
University of Washington
Green Meets Jordan: How to Solve PDEs using Complex Analysis
20 Sep 2010Jing Li
Dept of Mathematics
Penn State
Dynamics of an epidemic model with non-local infections for diseases with latency over a patchy environment
15 Nov 2010James J. Feng
Dept of Mathematics
University of British Columbia - Canada
Moving Contact Lines: from Giant Slip on Textured Substrates to Water Striders
6 Dec 2010Jian Qin
Dept of Chemical Engineering
Penn State
Studying Polymer Melts with Knot Theory
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