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The Pritchard Lab Seminar (2009 Archive)

Mondays from 02:30pm to 03:30pm in MB216

The Pritchard Lab seminar provides a flexible forum in which scientists of all disciplines can present research problems to which mathematics might contribute. It is sponsored by and associated with the W. G. Pritchard Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, and is held in 315 McAllister Building.
26 Jan 2009Sebastian Schreiber
Dept of Evolution & Ecology
UC Davis
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Dispersal in Heterogeneous Environments
9 Feb 2009Corina Drapaca
Dept of Engineering Science & Mechanics
Penn State
The Viscoelastic Brain
23 Feb 2009
Shweta Bansal
Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics
Penn State
Modeling the Impact of an Epidemic on Network Topology
2 Mar 2009PDE / Numerics seminar(at 3:30)
9 Mar 2009Spring BreakSpring Break
16 Mar 2009James Faeder
Dept of Computational Biology
University of Pittsburgh
Network-free Simulation Method for Rule-Based Models of Biochemical Systems
30 Mar 2009Matthew Ferrari
Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics
Penn State
Spatial patterns on the edge of dynamic stability : measles in Niger
27 Apr 2009Roberto Zenit
Instituto de Investigaciones en Materiales
UNAM - Mexico
5 Oct 2009Andrew Belmonte
Dept of Mathematics
Penn State University
Interfacial instabilities of reactive micellar fluids
9 Nov 2009Bernard Deconinck
Dept of Applied Mathematics
University of Washington
Stability of periodic surface water waves
30 Nov 2009Fuqing Zhang
Dept of Meteorology
Penn State University
Gravity waves from vortex dipoles and jets
7 Dec 2009Michael Whitney
Dept of Marine Sciences
University of Connecticut
Processes Influencing Volume and Salt Fluxes through the Mouth of a Large Estuary
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