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Combinatorics/Partitions Seminar (2010 Archive)

Tuesdays from 11:15am to 12:05pm in MB106

12 Jan 2010 To Be Announced
19 Jan 2010Dr. Ae Ja Yee, Penn StateMacMahon's Partition Analysis: II. Fundamental Theorems
26 Jan 2010Dr. Sebastian Cioaba, Univ. of DelawareEigenvalues, matchings and connectivity of graphs
2 Feb 2010Dr. James Sellers, Penn StateUtilizing Partition Analysis To Extend a Result of Santos on Partitions into Odd Parts
9 Feb 2010Kagan Kursungoz, Penn StateFive Guidelines for Partition Analysis with Applications to Lecture Hall-type Theorems
16 Feb 2010Shishuo Fu, Penn StateMacMahon's Partition Analysis XI: Broken Diamonds and Modular Forms
23 Feb 2010 To Be Announced
2 Mar 2010Matthew Katz, Penn StateModular Forms in Combinatorics
16 Mar 2010Dr. David Little, Penn StateMacMahon's Partition Analysis IV: Hypergeometric Multisums
23 Mar 2010Dr. James Sellers, Penn StatePartition Analysis and Non-Squashing Stacks of Boxes
30 Mar 2010Shishuo Fu, Penn StateReiner and Stanton's q-negative Conjectures
6 Apr 2010Kagan Kursungoz, Penn StateThe Working Principles of Omega Package and Magic Squares
13 Apr 2010Andrew Baxter, RutgersEnumeration Schemes and Their Extensions and Refinements
20 Apr 2010Matthew Katz, Penn StatePartitions Modulo a Lattice
27 Apr 2010Dr. George Andrews, Penn StateThe WZ method__ historically and as a principle
4 May 2010 To Be Announced
11 May 2010 To Be Announced
10 Aug 2010
202 Osmond
George Andrews, Penn StatePartitions with Early Repetitions and Slater's List
24 Aug 2010Ae Ja Yee, Penn StateAndrews' partition problems related to the Gollnitz-Gordon identities
31 Aug 2010Kagan Kursungoz, Penn StateA Generalization of Algorithm-Z with Application
7 Sep 2010 To Be Announced
14 Sep 2010Dan Parry, Drexel UniversityA Survey of Results on Plane Partition Polynomials
21 Sep 2010 To Be Announced
28 Sep 2010James Sellers, Penn StateEnumeration of Line-Hamiltonian Multigraphic Degree Sequences
5 Oct 2010Serge Ballif, Penn StateConditions to Embed a Partial Latin Square Inside a Complete Latin Square
12 Oct 2010 To Be Announced
19 Oct 2010Shishuo Fu, Penn StateEnumeration of Line-Hamiltonian Multigraphic Degree Sequences II
26 Oct 2010Kagan Kursungoz, Penn StateA Small Open Problem on a Permutation Generating Function on Multisets
2 Nov 2010 To Be Announced
16 Nov 2010Peter Paule, RISC, Johannes Kepler University of LinzGuessing and Proving With Computer Algebra: Special Functions Inequalities and q-Series
18 Nov 2010

10:10am - 11:00am
Robert Lemke Oliver, University of Wisconsin-MadisonEta-quotients and theta functions
23 Nov 2010 To Be Announced
30 Nov 2010Sun Kim, Penn StateRogers-Ramanujan-Gordon Identities and parity questions
7 Dec 2010George Andrews, Penn StateThe Ehrenpreis Rogers-Ramanujan Problem Revisited
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