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MASS Colloquium

Thursdays from 01:25pm to 02:25pm in MB114

The talks are aimed at advanced undergraduate students.
4 Sep 2014
1:15pm - 2:30pm
George Andrews, Penn State UniversityRamanujan, Fibonacci numbers, and Continued Fractions or Why I Took Zeckendorf's Theorem Along On My Last Trip To Canada
11 Sep 2014
1:15pm - 2:30pm
Yuri Suhov, Penn State / University of Cambridge, UKIntroduction to Entropy
18 Sep 2014John Roe, Penn State UniversityCommutative implies associative?
25 Sep 2014Vishal Vasan, Penn State UniversityThe William Pritchard Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
2 Oct 2014Carina Curto, Penn State UniversityStimulus space geometry and topology from neural activity
16 Oct 2014

1:15pm - 2:15pm
Vitaly Bergelson, Ohio State UniversityRamsey Theory and Dynamics
23 Oct 2014Simon Tavener, Colorado State UniversityEvolution of resistance to white pine blister rust in high-elevation pines
30 Oct 2014
Greg Lawler, University of ChicagoRandom walks: simple and self-avoiding
6 Nov 2014Thomas Tucker, University of RochesterSolutions to polynomials in two variables
13 Nov 2014Richard Schwartz, Brown UniversityLengthening the edges of a tetrahedron
20 Nov 2014Alberto Bressan, Penn State UniversityPDE models of traffic flow

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