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Logic Seminar

The Penn State Logic Seminar traditionally and normally meets on Tuesdays, 2:30 to 3:45 PM. Our usual meeting place is 315 McAllister. For more precise information, please check the calendar below.
6 Jan 2015 To Be Announced
13 Jan 2015 Organizational Meeting
20 Jan 2015David Belanger, Cornell UniversitySeparation and reduction in second-order arithmetic
27 Jan 2015Kirsten Eisentr├Ąger, Penn StateHilbert's Tenth Problem for subrings of the rationals and number fields.
3 Feb 2015Jason Rute, Penn StateThe power of uniformity in algorithmic randomness
10 Feb 2015Christopher P. Porter, University of FloridaInitial segment complexity and randomness for computable measures
17 Feb 2015Adrian Maler, Penn StateEffective Theory of Levy Processes
24 Feb 2015Stephen G. Simpson, Pennsylvania State UniversityDegrees of unsolvability: some recent results
3 Mar 2015John Pardo, Penn StateKolmogorov Random Graphs
17 Mar 2015Clinton Conley, Carnegie Mellon UniversityStrong treeability of planar groups
24 Mar 2015Steven Pincus, Guilford, CTPrecisely Constructed Taxa and Higher Order Dangers in Models of Randomness
31 Mar 2015No Seminar this weekNo Seminar this week
17 Apr 2015

3:35pm - 4:35pm
Johanna Franklin, Hofstra UniversityRandomness and Birkhoff's ergodic theorem for measure-preserving transformations
21 Apr 2015Stephen G. Simpson, Pennsylvania State UniversityAspects of the Muchnik lattice
28 Apr 2015Jake Pardo, Penn StateQuasi-random Graphs
5 May 2015 To Be Announced
12 May 2015 To Be Announced

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