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Logic Seminar

The Penn State Logic Seminar traditionally and normally meets on Tuesdays, 2:30 to 3:45 PM. Our usual meeting place is 315 McAllister. For more precise information, please check the calendar below.
26 Aug 2014 Organizational Meeting
2 Sep 2014Stephen G. Simpson, Penn StateAn introduction to reverse mathematics
9 Sep 2014Jason Rute, Penn StateRandomness, Riesz Capacity, Brownian Motion, and Complexity
16 Sep 2014Adrian Maler, Penn StateTowards an Effective Theory of Levy Processes
23 Sep 2014Jake Pardo, Penn StateProving RT_2^2 doesn't imply WKL_0
30 Sep 2014Jan Reimann, Penn StateAn Overview of Model Theory
7 Oct 2014Sankha Basu, Penn StateThe Muchnik topos
14 Oct 2014Manfred Denker, Penn StateHausdorff dimension
21 Oct 2014Jeremy Avigad, Carnegie Mellon UniversityUniform distribution and algorithmic randomness
28 Oct 2014Jan Reimann, Penn StateContinuous Model Theory
4 Nov 2014Jake Pardo, Penn StateThe compactness theorem for continuous model theory
11 Nov 2014Jake Pardo, Penn StateThe compactness theorem for continuous model theory (II)
18 Nov 2014Jason Rute, PSUConnectives and Constructions in Model Theory for Metric Structures
2 Dec 2014Willem Fouché, University of South AfricaGelfand duality and Ramsey theory
3 Dec 2014
3:35pm - 4:25pm
Willem Fouché, University of South AfricaFourier properties of algorithmically random Brownian motion
9 Dec 2014 To Be Announced
16 Dec 2014 To Be Announced

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