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Algebra and Number Theory Seminar (2012 Archive)

Thursdays from 11:15am to 12:05pm in MB106

12 Jan 2012Angel Kumchev, Towson UniversitySums of almost equal squares of primes
19 Jan 2012Uma N. Iyer, Bronx Community CollegeQuantum differential operators
26 Jan 2012Kevin Tucker, Princeton UniversityTest ideals in F-regular rings
2 Feb 2012Qing Xiang, University of DelawareCyclotomic constructions of strongly regular Cayley graphs and difference sets
9 Feb 2012Jen-Chieh Hsiao, Purdue UniversityD-module structure of local cohomology modules
16 Feb 2012Florian Enescu, Georgia State UniversityHilbert-Kunz Multiplicities
23 Feb 2012Anurag Singh, University of UtahF-pure thresholds of hypersurfaces
1 Mar 2012Karl Schwede, Penn State UniversityBertini theorems for F-singularities
15 Mar 2012Evgeny Mayanskiy, Penn State UniversityOrbifold Elliptic Fibrations
22 Mar 2012Mihran Papikian, Penn State UniversityOn Jacquet-Langlands isogeny
29 Mar 2012CĂ©cile Armana, University of Muenster, visiting BrownExplicit bases of modular symbols over function fields
5 Apr 2012Yuri Zarhin, Penn State UniversityPoincaré duality and unimodularity
12 Apr 2012Andrew D. Pollington, National Science FoundationA question of Wolfgang Schmidt concerning two dimensional Diophantine approximation
19 Apr 2012Vladimir Retakh, Rutgers UniversityNoncommutative Laurent phenomenon
26 Apr 2012Robert C. Vaughan, Penn State UniversityOn sums of powers of primes
30 Aug 2012Meet for lunch at 11:30No Talk this week
6 Sep 2012Robert C. Vaughan, Penn State UniversityReport on Goettingen conference on analytic methods for diophantine problems
13 Sep 2012Hilaf Hasson, Penn State UniversityThe geometry of etale fundamental groups of curves over Q_p^{un}
20 Sep 2012David Thomson, Carleton University, Ottawa and Penn State UniversityAmbiguity and deficiency of permutations
27 Sep 2012Vladimir Popov, Steklov Mathematical InstituteCOORDINATE ALGEBRAS OF ALGEBRAIC GROUPS:
4 Oct 2012Enrico Bombiero, is the Marker LecturerNo talk this week
11 Oct 2012Roger Plymen, Southampton UniversityThe Skewes Number
18 Oct 2012Bogdan Petrenko, SUNY BrockportGenerating an algebra from the probabilistic standpoint
25 Oct 2012Leonid Makar-Limanov, Wayne State UniversityLocally nilpotent derivations and the AK (ML) invariant
1 Nov 2012Alex Rice, Bucknell UniversityImprovements and Extensons of Two Theorems of Sarkozy
8 Nov 2012Robert C. Vaughan, Penn StateWooley's recent work on the Vinogradov Mean Value Theorem
15 Nov 2012Daniel Hernandez, University of MinnesotaF-pure thresholds of quasi-homogeneous polynomials
22 Nov 2012Mr Turkey, ThanksgivingNo talk this week
29 Nov 2012Mircea Mustata, University of MichiganSingularities of graded sequences of ideals
6 Dec 2012Jose Plinio Santos, University of Campinas, BrazilBijective proofs using two-line matrix representations for partitions
13 Dec 2012 To Be Announced
20 Dec 2012 To Be Announced
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