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Algebra and Number Theory Seminar (2011 Archive)

Thursdays from 11:15am to 12:05pm in MB106

13 Jan 2011Robert Vaughan, Penn State UniversityQuadratic generating functions
20 Jan 2011Shunsuke Takagi, MIT and Kyushu UniversityF-pure thresholds vs. log canonical thresholds
27 Jan 2011Leonid Vaserstein, Penn State UniversityPythagorean tuples
3 Feb 2011Karl Schwede, Penn State UniversityTest ideals via alterations
10 Feb 2011Kagan Kursungoz, Penn State UniversityTowards generalizing the Rogers-Ramanujan-Gordon identities
17 Feb 2011Robert Vaughan, Penn State UniversityEgyptian fractions, some history
24 Feb 2011Paul Fili, University of RochesterA generalization of Dirichlet's S-unit theorem
3 Mar 2011Kevin Tucker, University of Utah & Princeton UniversityF-Signature Exists
10 Mar 2011Spring Break, Spring breakNo seminar
17 Mar 2011Note that Van Vu, Rutgers University,is speaking in the Departmental Colloquium today.No seminar
24 Mar 2011Mike Hirschhorn, University of New South WalesFactorizations of certain q-series identities of Ramanujan and others
31 Mar 2011Grigory L. Litvinov, Independent University of MoscowDequantization and Tropical Mathematics
7 Apr 2011Robert Baillie, Remcom, Inc.Using Zeta Zeros to Calculate Arithmetical Functions
14 Apr 2011Jingjing Huang, Penn State UniversityBinary Egyptian Fractions
21 Apr 2011No, speakerNOTE: This weeks ANT seminar is on Tuesday 11:15 MB106
28 Apr 2011Daniel Panario, Carleton University, OttawaNormal Bases in Finite Fields
25 Aug 2011 To Be Announced
1 Sep 2011Ivelisse Rubio, University of Puerto RicoDiagonal equations over finite fields
8 Sep 2011Ram Murty, Queen's UniversityThe Uncertainty Principle and a theorem of Tao
15 Sep 2011Robert C. Vaughan, Penn State UniversityWaring's problem for Beatty sequences
22 Sep 2011Tatiana Bandman, Bar Ilan, visiting Wayne StateGeometry and dynamics of some word maps on SL(2, F_q)
29 Sep 2011Jodi Black, Bucknell UniversityZero Cycles on Principal Homogeneous Spaces
6 Oct 2011Roger Baker, Brigham Young UniversityPrimes in arithmetic progressions to sparse moduli I
13 Oct 2011Roger Baker, Brigham Young UniversityPrimes in arithmetic progressions to sparse moduli II
20 Oct 2011Mihran Papikian, Penn State UniversityLocal diophantine properties of modular curves
27 Oct 2011Robert C. Vaughan, Penn State UniversityThe non-trivial representation of zero by diagonal quaternary quadratic forms
3 Nov 2011Andy Kustin, University of South CarolinaThe bi-graded structure of Symmetric Algebras with applications to Rees rings
10 Nov 2011Anastasia Stavrova, University of Duisburg-EssenIsotropic reductive groups over rings
17 Nov 2011Brian Harbourne, University of NebraskaMotivation and history of some recent conjectures comparing symbolic and ordinary powers of ideals
24 Nov 2011ThanksgivingNo seminar this week!
1 Dec 2011Yuri Zarhin, Penn State UniversityAbelian varieties with homotheties
8 Dec 2011 Cancelled
15 Dec 2011Alexandra Shlapentokh, East Carolina UniversityDivisibility of order and first order definability in algebraic extensions of global fields
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