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Eberly College of Science Mathematics Department

Algebra and Number Theory Seminar (2009 Archive)

Thursdays from 11:15am to 12:05pm in MB106

15 Jan 2009Robert Vaughan, Penn State UniversityOn sums of squares and cubes
22 Jan 2009Yuri Zarhin, Penn State UniversityFamilies of hyperelliptic jacobians without complex multiplication
29 Jan 2009James Sellers, Penn State UniversityRecent arithmetic results related to m-ary partition functions
5 Feb 2009Mark Watkins, University of SydneyComputations with L-functions, and rank 4 twists
12 Feb 2009Ae Ja Yee, Penn State UniversityParity problems in parittions
19 Feb 2009Ed Formanek, Penn State UniversityTwo Combinatorial Problems in Ring Theory
26 Feb 2009Doug Ulmer, University of ArizonaOn Mordell-Weil groups of abelian varieties over function fields
5 Mar 2009Robert Vaughan, Penn State UniversityThe Montgomery-Hooley Theorem and its generalizations
19 Mar 2009Alina Cojocaru, University of Illinois at ChicagoThe Koblitz conjecture on average
26 Mar 2009Marker Lecturer Martin BridsonNo Seminar
2 Apr 2009Kagan Kursungoz, Penn State University$k$-Marked Durfee Symbols and Ramanujan's Mock Theta Functions
9 Apr 2009Lizhen Ji, University of MichiganArithmetic groups vs. mapping class groups: similarities and differences
16 Apr 2009Daniel Panario, Carleton University, OttawaCounting Polynomials over Finite Fields: Random Properties and Algorithms
23 Apr 2009William Banks, University of MissouriOn Carmichael and Giuga numbers
30 Apr 2009Hugh Montgomery, University of MichiganHalf the primes have an odd number of 1's in their binary expansion
27 Aug 2009Organisational meetingTo Be Announced
3 Sep 2009William Waterhouse, Penn State UniversitySquare root as a homomorphism
10 Sep 2009Jeff Achter, Colorado State UniversitySplit reductions of simple abelian varieties
11 Sep 2009
11:15am - 12:05pm
Rachel Pries, Colorado State UniversityAlternating group covers of the affine line and Abhyankar's Inertia Conjecture
17 Sep 2009Maosheng Xiong, Penn State UniversityStatistics for zeros of zeta functions in a family of curves
24 Sep 2009Scott Parsell, West Chester UniversityThe "large moduli" estimate for Weyl sums
1 Oct 2009Xander Faber, McGill UniversityPrime factors of dynamical sequences
8 Oct 2009Ming-hsuan Kang, Penn State UniversityZeta functions of Complexes arising from PGL(n)
15 Oct 2009Robert Vaughan, Penn StateThe metric theory of diophantine approximation
22 Oct 2009Xiang-dong Hou, South Florida UniversityReversed Dickson Polynomials and Related Polynomials
29 Oct 2009Matt Papanikolas, University of TexasSpecial values of Goss L-functions and log-algebraicity
5 Nov 2009Abrus Pal, Imperial College, LondonUniform boundedness in arithmetic dynamics
12 Nov 2009Lenny Taelman, University of LeidenA Dirichlet Unit Theorem for Drinfeld modules
19 Nov 2009Robert Vaughan, Penn State UniversitySome additive problems
26 Nov 2009Mr TurkeyThanksgiving
3 Dec 2009Roger Plymen, University of ManchesterGeometric structure in the representation theory of p-adic SLN
10 Dec 2009Chantal David, IAS PrincetonStatistics for the traces of cyclic p-covers of curves over finite fields
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