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Eberly College of Science Mathematics Department

Algebra and Number Theory Seminar

Thursdays from 11:15am to 12:05pm in MB106

2 Jan 2014 To Be Announced
9 Jan 2014 To Be Announced
16 Jan 2014James Stankewicz, University of CopenhagenPalindromic properties of curves and explicit descent obstructions
23 Jan 2014 No seminar this week
30 Jan 2014Taisong Jing, University of PennsylvaniaThe Strong CM Lifting Problem
6 Feb 2014James Maynard, Centre de recherches mathématiquesSmall gaps between primes
13 Feb 2014Trung Hieu Ngo, University of MichiganPeriod functions for quantum modular forms
20 Feb 2014Ori Parzanchevski, IASExpanders and Ramanujan complexes
27 Feb 2014Jacob Turner, PSUInvariants of Local Conjugation
6 Mar 2014Krzysztof Klosin, CUNYCongruences and R=T theorems
20 Mar 2014Ae Ja Yee, Penn StateThe truncated Jacobi triple product theorem
27 Mar 2014Graham Leuschke, Syracuse UniversityPieri maps and their relations
3 Apr 2014Yiannis Sakellaridis, Rutgers (Newark)The relative Langlands program
10 Apr 2014No seminar this weekNo seminar this week
17 Apr 2014John Lesieutre, MITDerived equivalent rational threefolds
24 Apr 2014 To Be Announced
1 May 2014Lance Edward Miller, University of ArkansasTBA
8 May 2014Will Chen, PSUTBA

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