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Title:Learning Outcomes Assessment: What is it, and why should I care?
Seminar:Teaching Seminar
Speaker:Tanya Furman, Penn State
On both national and local landscapes, an increasing amount of attention is being paid to the general topic of educational assessment. When undertaken seriously and thoughtfully, assessment of student learning outcomes is a valuable tool for improving student performance in areas such as long-term retention of complex ideas and application of step-wise solution techniques to new situations. When undertaken in a haphazard manner, assessment can reduce classroom learning to a series of check boxes guaranteed to lower student interest and retention. The process of establishing learning goals for a single course or, more importantly, for a sequence of courses involves articulating for students the skills they will develop rather than the material they will cover. In this seminar I will talk about the positive and negative drivers of outcomes assessment at Penn State and beyond, and present examples of learning objectives that both enhance and diminish student learning. The assessment process is essentially a conversation among the stakeholders in student learning (including faculty, students, parents, and disciplinary material), so come prepared to join in the dialogue.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number:MB114
Date:04 / 29 / 2008
Time:12:10pm - 01:30pm