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Title:The Entropy-Viscosity Technique and Splitting Methods for Turbulent Flows
Seminar:CCMA PDEs and Numerical Methods Seminar Series
Speaker:Adam Larios, Texas A&M University
Two techniques have recently been developed to handle large-scale simulations of turbulent flows. The first is a nonlinear, LES-type viscosity, which is based on the numerical violation of the local energy balance of the Navier-Stokes equations. This technique enjoys a numerical dissipation which remains vanishingly small in regions where the solution is smooth, only damping the flow in regions of numerical shock, allowing for increased accuracy at reduced computational cost. The second is a direction-splitting technique for projection methods, which unlocks new parallelism previously unexploited in fluid flows, and enables very fast, large-scale turbulence simulations.

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Room Number:MB106
Date:01 / 14 / 2014
Time:01:15pm - 02:15pm