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Title:GRT-equivariance of Tamarkin's construction
Seminar:GAP Seminar
Speaker:Brian Paljug, Temple University
Given two homotopy algebras and an infinity-morphism between them, it is natural to ask that, if we can modify the two homotopy algebras in some structured way, can we modify the infinity-morphism in some similar way, so as to preserve the new structures? In this talk we describe a situation in which the answer is yes, and indicate how it is possible. We will also give an application of these results, to show that TamarkinĀ“s construction of formality morphisms is equivariant with respect to the action of the Grothendieck-Teichmuller group.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number:MB114
Date:11 / 12 / 2013
Time:04:15pm - 05:15pm