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Title:Counting collisions in hard ball gas models and singular geometry of non-positive curvature
Seminar:MASS Colloquium
Speaker:Dmitri Burago, Penn State University
We will discuss a solution to a long–standing problem. The problem itself can be explained to school kids. Basically, one asks if there exists an N that not more than N elastic collisions can occur between 10 identical balls before they fly away from each other (no gravity, no external forces). Of course, there is nothing special about 10, it could be any M and then N=N(M). The solution is also elementary modulo a few well–known facts. The problem was that the tools and facts lie in an area of math which was thought to be very far from the original problem. We will not get into any technicalities, so the talk should be easily accessible.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number:MB114
Date:09 / 19 / 2013
Time:01:25pm - 02:25pm