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  • N. Lebedeva, A. Petrunin, Local characterization of polyhedral spaces.
  • A. Petrunin, A globalization for non-complete but geodesic spaces.
  • D. Panov, A. Petrunin, Sweeping out sectional curvature.
  • D. Panov, A. Petrunin, Telescopic actions.
  • N. Lebedeva, A. Petrunin, Curvature bounded below: a definition a la Berg--Nikolaev.
  • S. Alexander, V. Kapovitch, A. Petrunin, Alexandrov meets Kirszbraun.
  • A. Petrunin, On intrinsic isometries to Euclidean space.
             Внутренние изометрии в евклидово пространство.
  • A. Petrunin, Alexandrov meets Lott--Villani--Sturm.
  • S. Alexander, V. Kapovitch, A. Petrunin, An optimal lower curvature bound for convex hypersurfaces in Riemannian manifolds.
  • A. Petrunin, Semiconcave functions in Alexandrov's geometry.
  • V. Kapovitch, A. Petrunin, W. Tuschmann, Nilpotency, almost nonnegative curvature and the gradient flow.
  • A. Petrunin, An upper bound for curvature integral.
            Верхняя оценка на интеграл кривизны.
  • V. Kapovitch, A. Petrunin, W. Tuschmann, Nonnegative pinching, moduli spaces and bundles with infinitely many souls.
  • A. Petrunin, Polyhedral approximations of Riemannian manifolds.
  • A. Petrunin, Harmonic Functions on Alexandrov Space. (1996)
  • G. Perelman, A. Petrunin, Quasigeodesics and Gradient curves in Alexandrov spaces. (1995)
  • Drafts:

  • Exercises in orthodox geometry.
  • S. Alexander, V.Kapovitch, A. Petrunin, Alexandrov geometry.
  • A. Petrunin, A. Yashinski, From Euclid to Alexandrov; a guided tour, MASS 2011
  • Popular level:

  • A. Petrunin, A. Yashinski, Piecewise distance preserving maps. to appear in St. Petersburg Mathematical Journal.
             Кусочно изометрические отображения.
  • A. Petrunin, Area minimizing polyhedral surfaces are saddle. to appear in American Mathematical Monthly.
  • A. Petrunin, Euclidean and Hyperbolic Planes; a minimalistic introduction with metric approach.
  • А. М. Петрунин, С.Е.Рукшин, Уникальносоставленные фигуры. Матем. просв., 10, (2006)
  • А. Петрунин, Плоское оригами и построения. Квант, 2008, № 1
  • А. Петрунин, Плоское оригами и длинный рубль. Задачи Санкт-петербургской олимпиады школьников по матаматике, 2008
  • profile for Anton Petrunin at MathOverflow, Q&A for professional mathematicians


  • lpic, a nice LaTeX package to put latex on top of included graphics.

    Things which hard to find:

  • G. Perelman, Alexandrov's space with curvatures bounded from below II.
  • G. Perelman, DC structure on Alexandrov space with curvature bounded below.