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May visitors.
We welcome the following visitors to the department this month.
  • Prof. Camille Laurent from University of Metz is visiting 5/15/12-6/15/12. Ping Xu is his host and his office is 332 McAllister.
  • Prof. Vesselin Petkov from University of Bordeaux 1 is visiting 5/6/12-5/14/12. Ludmil Zikatanov is his host and his office is 232 McAllister.
  • Dr. Kojiro Higuchi from Tohoku University is visiting 5/14/12-6/11/12. Steve Simpson is his host and his office is 332 McAllister.
05 / 09 / 2012
Andrews to receive honorary degree.
We congratulate Evan Pugh Professor George Andrews on the forthcoming award of an honorary degree by SASTRA University, Tamil Nadu, India on the occasion of the 125th anniversary celebration for Srinivasa Ramanujan.
05 / 07 / 2012
Andrews to give Mathematics Colloquium talk.
The final colloquium of the semester will be given by Evan Pugh Professor George Andrews on Thursday April 26, 4 PM, in 114 McAllister. The title of his talk is "Drowning in the data deluge." This is a revised version of his Retiring Presidential Address given at the 2012 Joint Mathematics Meetings.
04 / 23 / 2012
Administrative Professionals Week.
This week is designated Administrative Professionals Week. During this special week we show appreciation to the administrative staff of the Department of Mathematics, for all the work they do to keep the department operating smoothly and effectively.
04 / 23 / 2012
12 Mathematics instructors honored at Residence Life luncheon.
Recently the first-year Residence Life staff organized a luncheon to honor those instructors nominated by first-year students as "most appreciated." No fewer than twelve of our instructors appear on the list! The twelve are: Mark Bregar, Neena Chopra, Marc Fabbri, James Hager, Allison Louie, Aaron McMillan, Ge Mu, Cindy Parsons, James Sellers, Christie Stachniewicz, Matthew Willyard, Beata Wysocka.
04 / 09 / 2012
P. Xu designated as ECoS Distinguished Senior Scholar.
We congratulate Professor Ping Xu who was recently awarded the title of Eberly College of Science Distinguished Senior Scholar. This title is given in recognition of a sustained record of extraordinary achievement in research and education.
04 / 02 / 2012
April visitors in the Department of Mathematics.
  • Prof. Jianli Liu from Shanghai University is visiting 4/1/12-6/30/12. Chun Liu is the host and the office is 332 McAllister.
  • Dr. Tatiana Bandman from Bar Ilan University is visiting 4/1/12-5/1/12. Dima Burago is the host and the office is 419A McAllister.
  • Dr. Chensong Zhang from Academy of Mathematical & System Science is visiting 4/6/12-5/10/12. Jinchao Xu is the host and the office is 316 McAllister.
  • Dr. Yannick Voglaire from University of Louvain is visiting 4/2/12-5/31/12. Ping Xu is the host and the office is 209 McAllister.
  • Dr. Ming Wang from Peking University is visiting 4/6/12-4/24/12. Jinchao Xu is the host and the office is 232 McAllister.
  • Prof. Giuseppe Coclite from University of Bari is visiting 4/15/12-5/5/12. Alberto Bressan is the host and the office is 209 McAllister.
04 / 02 / 2012
Math Department co-sponsors NSF-funded conference at UNC.
Associate Professor Anna Mazzucato is organizing an NSF-funded conference at UNC in honor of Professor Michael Taylor. The Penn State Department of Mathematics is a co-sponsor of the conference.
03 / 30 / 2012
Cornell-PSU Symplectic Seminar.
The department will be hosting a Cornell-Penn State Joint Symplectic Seminar next Saturday, March 31st, 2012. The talks will take place in 114 McAllister. Nigel Higson, Mathieu Stienon, Aissa Wade, and Ping Xu are the hosts. Speakers include: Eugene Lerman (Urbana-Champaign), Yi Lin (Georgia Southern) and Boris Tsygan (Northwestern).
03 / 26 / 2012
Awards and Recognition Ceremony.
Everyone is invited to the departmental awards and recognition ceremony which takes place on April 17th at 6 p.m. in 114 McAllister. We will present awards to recognize the achievements of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students and we will honor our colleagues for their service to Penn State.
03 / 26 / 2012
Belmonte to give public lecture at Harvey Mudd College.
On Friday March 23 Associate Professor Andrew Belmonte will give a public lecture in California. This is part of the Moody Lecture Series at Harvey Mudd College.
03 / 16 / 2012
Baliff receives University teaching award.
One of our Graduate Teaching Assistants, Serge Ballif, is this year's winner of the Harold F. Martin Outstanding Teaching Award, presented by the Graduate School of Penn State. This is the University’s highest award that honors the teaching achievements of a graduate TA.
01 / 30 / 2012
Winnie Li named Distinguished Professor.
Professor Winnie Li has been named Distinguished Professor of Mathematics. Professor Li's many contributions to number theory and its applications were most recently recognized by the award of the Chern Prize of the ICCM (2010).
01 / 16 / 2012