Math 311M: Intro to Proof and Discrete Math (Honors)

MWF, 10:10-11:00, 209 Hammond
Review Problems for Midterm Exam (Friday, Oct. 8)
Review Problems for Final Exam (Friday, Dec. 17, 8am, 101 Chambers)

Here's the course syllabus.

  1. Prove a number with repeating decimal expansion is rational. (Due Friday, August 27)
  2. Here's HW2. It's due Wednesday, September 8. 
  3. Here's HW3. It's due Monday, September 20.
  4. Here's HW4. It's due Monday, September 27.
  5. Here's HW5. It's due Monday, October 4.
  6. Here's HW6. It's due Monday, October 18.
  7. Here's HW7. It's due Monday, October 25.
  8. Here's HW8. It's due Monday, November 1.
  9. Here's HW9. It's due Monday, November 8.
  10. Here's HW10. It's due Wednesday, November 17. (Note unusual due date!)
  11. Here's HW11. It's due Monday, December 6.