A 20 pound yellowfin tuna. I love Hawaii! (Jan. 2007) 

Isaac Seiji Brown

Seiji caught this beautiful brown trout -- 18 inches, the biggest I've ever seen!!  He's seven; I'm jealous. (July 2007)

Isaac Seiji Brown

A beautiful little kumu, the tastiest fish on the reef! (Magic Island, Thanksgiving Day, 2009)

Isaac Seiji Brown

A 40 in. blue spotted cornetfish and 1.5 lb. octopus. (Makapuu Point, Dec. 2009)
Tako poke and Kirin are soooo made for each other. 

Isaac Seiji Brown

A bigger stickfish!


A gorgeous cowry, one of the few animals not harmed in the making of this web page. (Magic Island, Jan. 2010)


My first uhu, and a munu. (Makalei Beach, Jan. 2010)

Uhu -- Yahoo!

Meg's favorite: Manini.


A longjaw squirrelfish.  (Magic Island, Jan. 2010)
The venomous spines are for real -- I learned the hard way.  


A respectable moano and my first squid. Calamari, baby!! (Magic Island, Feb. 2010)


Toau with Thomas.


Humpback whales.  (Waianae coast, Feb. 2010)
Don't worry, they got away....

An exercise in perspective. (w/ Romain Tessera, Mar. 2010)

small fish  Big Fish

35 pound bull Mahi Mahi; one of the greatest days of my life.

Big, big fish!!  smiles all around