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Adam Karnik
Graduate assistant, Department of Mathematics


Office: 430 McAllister Building

Mailing address:
109 McAllister Building
University Park PA 16802

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About me:

I hail from Omaha, Nebraska, a thriving metropolis that is a long drive away from State College. I have been with the department as a graduate assistant since August 2010, pursuing the PhD degree in mathematics.


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Creighton University, May 2010. Majors in mathematics and Classical languages, minor in mathematical logic.

Creighton Preparatory School, May 2006.

Courses taught:

Math 018 (fall 2011, spring 2012)

Math 041: Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry (summer 2012)

Math 111: Techniques of Calculus II (fall 2012)

Math 230: Calculus and Vector Analysis (spring 2012)


Cool people I've met:

Pulitzer and Tony Awards winning playwright Edward Albee, who was eating a peanut butter sandwich

Multi-instrumentalist Al Doyle of Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem, who was looking for a place to eat in Hell's Kitchen and wearing his Dr. Strangelove glasses

Pulitzer finalist and Tony Award nominee Arthur Kopit, who was eating pizza

Drummer Pat Mahoney of LCD Soundsystem, who was following Al Doyle

Nobel laureate John Nash, who was sad that there were no more cookies left

Grammy and Emmy Awards winning comedian Bob Newhart, who looked rather tired (I didn't blame him)

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts, who had just bought a croissant

1972 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Rodgers, who told me not to drugs

Dan Savage. I think I made him uneasy.

It's also very possible that a paparazzo once took a picture of me accidentally bumping into Tony Award nominee Josh Gad, but I haven't been able to verify this.


Links on the world wide web:
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State College:
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Awesome people:
Carol Gaertner, an instructor in the department, and a good friend
Jacob Turner, a student in the department, and a good friend
Kurt Vinhage, a student in the department, and a good friend

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