Abstracts: logic, combinatorial set theory, misc.

Author: Thomas Jech
Title: WHAT IS ... Forcing?
Notices AMS 55 (2008)

Author: Thomas Jech
Title: Singular cardinals and the pcf theory
Bull. Symb. Logic 1 (1995)
Abstract: An expository article on the singular cardinals problem.

Author: Thomas Jech
Title: On Goedel's Second Incompleteness theorem
Proceedings AMS 121 (1994)
Abstract: Goedel's Second Incompleteness theorem states that no sufficiently strong consistent mathematical theory can prove its own consistency. In this note we give a short proof of the theorem.

Authors: Thomas Jech and Saharon Shelah
Title: A partition theorem for pairs of finite sets
Journal AMS 4 (1991)
Abstract: Every partition of the set of all pairs of finite subsets of aleph_1 into finitely many pieces has a cofinal homogeneous set. Furthermore, it is consistent that every directed partially ordered set satisfies the partition property if and only if it has finite character.

Author: Thomas Jech
Title: The infinite
Jahrbuch 1990 der Kurt-Goedel-Gesellschaft
Abstract: Based on a lecture presented to the Goedel Society in Vienna.

Authors: Thomas Jech and Saharon Shelah
Title: A note on canonical functions
Israel J. Math. 68 (1989)
Abstract: We construct a generic extension in which the aleph_2 nd canonical function on aleph_1 exists.