Pennsylvania State University, B.A., Mathematics, 1974
Pennsylvania State University, M.A., Mathematics, 1975
Stanford University, PhD, Mathematics, 1980
Thesis: Stochastic Extensions to Branch-and-Bound Techniques for Highly Constrained Schedulers

Current Research / Publications

1. Advanced Computer Network Architectures for Signal Processing.

2. Latency and Throughput Problems in Ground System Data, Status, and Control Paths.

3. Exhaustive Signal Processing Approaches in Mission Critical Architectures.

4. Improved Algorithms for Geolocation and Coherent Processing.

5. Multi-level Security / Trusted Operating System Architectures.

6. Optimized Encryption / Digital Signature Algorithm Development.

7. Improved Algorithms for Specific Emitter Identification.

8. Artificial Intelligence / Rules-based Management of Ground Systems.

9. Optimalization Algorithms for Constrained Resource Allocations.

10. Autocorrelation Techniques for Extracting Signal Information in Signals With Random Noise.