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Graduate Teaching Assistants

Teaching Evaluations

GTAs who teach a class are required to obtain two student evaluations during each semester. These student evaluations can help the instructor choose the best teaching practices. They also help the department recognize excellent teachers. More precise instructions about these evaluations are sent each semester by the Undergraduate Director (the current UG Director is James Sellers).

The first evaluation is obtained near the middle of the semester. This evaluation uses a computer-scored multiple-choice format, in which students rate the instructor on several criteria. Each GTA receives the results of this evaluation via email shortly after the evaluations are given.

The second evaluation is obtained near the end of this semester. This evaluation consists of two open-ended questions which the students may respond to as they wish. GTAs may not see these evaluations until after grades have been assigned for the course. Each GTA should ask Becky Halpenny for a copy of the written evaluations; these copies are normally distributed at the beginning of the next semester.

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