Math 81

     TECHNICAL MATHEMATICS I (3:3:0) Algebraic expressions, equations,
     systems of equations, trigonometric functions, graphs, solution of
     triangles, vectors. 

     Prerequisite: Math 4 or satisfactory performance on the mathematics
     proficiency examination.

     Text: Basic Technical Mathematics w/Calculus. Fifth Edition. 
     Allyn J. Washington, Addison-Wesley, 1990.

     Chapter   Section  Topics                                                                   
     1         1,2,3    Numbers, Laws of Alg, Order of Operations,
                        Ops w/Zero                            
               4,5,6    The Calculator, Exponents, Scientific Notation
                 7      Roots and Radicals
                 8      Addition and Subtraction of Algebraic Expressions
                 9      Multiplication of Algebraic Expression
                10      Division of Algebraic Expressions
                11      Equations
                12      Formulas and Literal Equations
                13      Applied Verbal Problems

     2         1,2      Functions
               3,4      Rectangular Coordinates,Graph of a Function
               5,6      Functions Defined by Tables of Data, Solving 
                        Equations Graphically            

     3         1,2      Angles, Defining the Trigonometric Functions
                3       Values of the Trigonometric Functions
                4       The Right Triangle
                5       Applications of Right Triangles

                        EXAMINATION I                                                              

     4          1       Linear Equations 
               2,3      Graphs of Linear Eqns, Solving Systems Graphically
                4       Solving Systems of Two Linear Equation in Two 
                        Unknowns Algebraically 
                        Using a Calculator to Solve Linear Systems of 

     5          1       Special Products
                2       Common Factors and Difference of Squares
                3       Factoring Trinomials
                4       Equivalent Fractions
                5       Multiplications and Division of Fractions
                6       Addition and Subraction of Fractions
                7       Equations Involving Fractions

                        EXAMINATION II

     6          1       Quadratic Eqautions; Solution by Factoring
                2       Completing the Square
                3       Quadratic Formula; Graphing Quadratic Functions

     7          1       Signs of the Trigonometric Functions
                2       Trigonometric Functions of Any Angle
               3,4      Radians; Applications of Radian Measure

     8         1,2      Introduction to Vectors; Components
                3       Vector Addition
                4       Applications of Vectors
                5       Oblique Triangles
                5       Law of Sines
                6       Law of Cosines

     9        1,2,3     Graphs of Trigonometric Functions
                4       Applications of the Trigonometric Graphs
                5       Composite Trigonometric Curves


                        FINAL EXAMINATION