COURSE DESCRIPTION: College Algebra I (3:3:0) Quadratic equations;
    equations in quadratic form; word problems; graphing; algebraic 
    fractions; negative and rational exponents; radicals.

    PREREQUISITE: Math 004 or satisfactory performance on the mathematics 
    proficiency examination.
    Solution of quadratic equations using factoring and the quadratic formula.
    Solution of equations in quadratic form.
    Word problems which reduce to quadratic equations.
    Graph of y = ax^2 + bx + c including translation and completing the square.
    Solution of two simultaneous equations involving linear and quadratic
    Word problems involving absolute maxima and minima.
    Rational expressions.
    Multiplication and division of fractions.
    Addition and subtraction of fractions.
    Complex fractions.
    Solution of equations involving fractions.
    Zero and negative integer exponents.
    Roots and rational exponents.
    Solution of equations involving rational exponents.
    Addition and subtraction of radical expressions.
    Multiplication and division of radical expressions.
    Solution of equations involving radicals.