April 21, 1997

COURSE	AUTHOR      TITLE                               PUBLISHER

3	Johnston    Developmental Math, 3e           Wadsworth
        Keedy       Developmental Math               Addison-Wesley  
	Wilcox      Pre Alg for Problem Solvers      Brooks-Cole

4, 21   Blitzer	    Alg for College Students         Macmillan
       *Kaufman     Inter Alg, 5e                    PWS-Kent
        Kaseberg    Intermediate Algebra             Brooks-Cole
        Keedy       Intermediate Algebra             Addison-Wesley 
        Nanney      Developing Skills in Alg, 5e     Wm.C.Brown
        Proga       Arithmetic and Alg, 3e           PWS-Kent
        Streeter    Inter Alg, 2e                    McGraw-Hill
        Wesner      Intermed. Alg. with Applications Wm. Brown

17      Bello       Topics in Contemporary Math      Heath
        Goodman     Finite Math w/Appl               MacMillan
       *Mizrahi-S.  Finite Math w/Appl               Wiley
        Weiss       Finite Math                      Worth

18      Campbell    Intro to Matrices                Prentice-Hall
        Munakata    Matrices and Lin Prog            Holden-Day
        Soo Tang    Applied Finite Math              Brooks Cole
        Yandl       Finite Math                      Brooks Cole

22     *Cohen       College Alg, 3e                  West
        Demana      College Alg                      Addison-Wesley
        Dugopolski  College Alg			     Addison-Wesley
        Stewart     College Alg                      Brooks Cole

26     *Cohen       Trig                             West
        Heineman    Plane Trig 7e                    McGraw-Hill
        Keedy       Trig triangles and fcns, 4e      Addison-Wesley
        Larson      Trig, 3e                         Heath

35      Jacobs      Math, A Human Endeavor, 3e       Freeman
       *Kline       Math in Western Culture          Oxford Univ Press

40     *Holder      A Primer for Calc, 6e            PWS-Kent
        Larson      Precalculus 3e                   Heath

41     *Cohen       Precalculus 5th ed               West
        Larson      Precalculus                      Heath
        Leithold    Before Calculus                  Harper/Collins

81-3    Leffin      Intro to Tech Math               Waveland
        Paul        Ess of Tech Math w/Calc, 2e      Prentice-Hall
        Washington  Basic Tech Math w/Calc, 5e       Addison-Wesley

110     Barnett     Applied Calc for Business, 4e    Dellen
        Berresford  Calc w/appl                      Prentice-Hall
	Bittinger   Calculus and Its Appl, 6e	     Addison-Wesley
        Haeussler   Calc for Manag, Life ... 2e      Prentice-Hall
        Harshbarger Applied Calculus, 3e             Heath
        Hoffmann    Calculus                         McGraw-Hill 
        Larson      Brief Calc w/Appl 3e             Heath

140-1,  Anton       Calc and Anal Geom               Wiley
230,1,2 Edwards     Calc and Anal Geom               Prentice-Hall
        Ellis       Calc w/Anal Geom                 HBJ
        Larson      Calc w/Anal Geom, 4e             Heath
        Mizrahi     Calc and Anal Geom 3e            Wadsworth
        Stein       Calc and Anal Geom 5e            McGraw Hill
        Stewart     Calc 2e                          Brooks Cole
        Thomas      Calc and Anal Geom               Addison Wesely

200     Bennett     Math for Elem Teachers 3e        Brown
       *Jacobs      Math, A Human Endeavor, 3e       Freeman
        Graham      Modern Elem Math, 4e             HBJ

220     Agnew       Lin Alg w/Appl 3e                Brooks Cole
        Andrilli    Linear Algebra                   PWS-Kent  
       *Anton       Lin Alg,  PSU 7e                 Wiley
        Barshinger  A Matrix Primer          Call Barshinger for ordering info
        Hefferon    Linear Algebra                   Click here for more info
        Kolman      Intro Lin Alg w/Appl, 4e         Macmillan
        Lay         Lin Alg                          Addison-Wesley
        Larson      Elem Lin Alg, 3e                 Heath

250,1  *Blanchard   Diff Eqns, Preliminary Ed        Brooks Cole
       *Boyce       Elem Diff Eqns, Bdry Val Prbs 6e Wiley
        Edwards     Elem Diff Eqns                   Prentice-Hall
        Simmons     Diff Eqns w/Appl, 2e             McGraw-Hill
        Zill        Diff Eqns w/Bdry Val Probs, 3e   PWS-Kent

311    *Humphreys  Number, Groups and Codes          Cambridge Univ. Press

* Textbook used at University Park