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Arseny Egorov

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My name is Arseny (approximately it is pronounced as [ʌR`sɛnɪy], but this is hard for English speakers, so I'm used to many different variations), I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of Mathematics at Penn State.

I was born and went to school in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, (former Leningrad, USSR). My math career started when I first participated in a mathematical olympiad in 6th grade, soon after that I joined a math circle in Anichkov Palace, which is a large center in St. Petersburg for school students to find and develop their talents.

I graduated from school #30 in St. Petersburg in 1998 where my math teacher was Alexander P. Karp, currently a professor in Columbia University, a person who taught me a lot.

Then I studied math in the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics at St. Petersburg State University, in particular, in the Department of Higher Geometry during the last three years of study, and graduated in July 2004 after finishing a 5-year program with a "Specialist in Mathematics" title.

I studied Metric Geometry mostly and my graduation paper title is "Quasiisometric embeddings of Hadamard's spaces of pinched curvature into products of trees". It was accomplished under advisory of Sergei V. Buyalo, a professor at St. Petersburg Department of Steklov Institute of Mathematics.

My current advisor here is Svetlana Katok.