PennState University Mathematics Department Eberly College of Science

Arseny Egorov

Currently teaching:
     MATH 251 (Fall 09)

Previously taught:
     MATH 022 (Spring 09) using ALEKS software
     MATH 022 (Fall 08) using MyMathLab software
     MATH 251 (Spring 08)
     MATH 021 (Fall 06)
     MATH 021 (Spring 06)
     MATH 022 (Fall 05)

About myself


On this page you can find information concerning my current teaching assignments, my personal information, maybe some interesting or useful links.

My photo

Position in the department:

Ph.D. student, teaching assistant

Fields of interest:

Dynamical Systems: symbolic dynamics
Geometry: metric geometry

Right now I am working on coding of geodesics on factor surfaces of the hyperbolic plane

My mailbox:

109 McAllister Building,
University Park, PA 16802