Penn State-Göttingen
International Summer School

The Mathematics Department of the Pennsylvania State University and the Institute of Mathematics of Göttingen University will host a Summer School on Dynamical Systems in Göttingen from

July 24 to August 13, 2011.

The intensive program consists of minicourses, exercise sections, lab work sessions and seminars from July 24 to August 6.
A. Chéritat: Parabolic Renormalization
M. Denker: Complex Dynamics and Fractals
Y. Pesin: Hyperbolic Dynamics
L. Rempe: Transcendental Dynamics
D. Schleicher: Symbolic Dynamics and (Global) Complex Dynamics
S. Tabachnikov: Mathematical Billiards
F. Vivaldi: Arithmetic Dynamics
J.-C. Yoccoz: Interval Exchange Maps

There will be a one week conference on dynamical systems from August 6 to August 13.

Information on the summer school can be found here:

Penn State-Göttingen International Summer School 2011

More on Summer School

Further information about the departments and life in Göttingen can be found here: Institute of Mathematics, University of Göttingen; Life in Göttingen as a student;
Department of Mathematics, Pennsylvania State University

e-mail: mail to summer school


In order to be admitted and to receive a stipend for the school an application is required. The application deadline is

January 28, 2011.

STEP 1: Ask two of your teachers/supervisors to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf and ask them to sumbit the letter electronically to

STEP 2: Fill out the application form which can be found here: Application form

STEP 3: Upon acceptance to the school we will notify you by e-mail. You must confirm your participation within 14 days. Otherwise the place may be given to someone else.

May, 27, 2011: All places are filled. If you did not hear from us by now, we were not able to accept you for the summer school. We are sorry that we could not accept all the excellent applications.