Center for Interdisciplinary Mathematics
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On traffic flow

  1. A. Bressan and K. Han, Optima and equilibria for a model of traffic flow. SIAM J. Math. Anal., 43, (2011), 2384--2417.
  2. A. Bressan and K. Han, Nash equilibria for a model of traffic flow with several groups of drivers, ESAIM; Control, Optim. Calc. Var., 18 (2012), 969--986.

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On optimal control, game theory, and applications

  1. A. Bressan and B. Piccoli, Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Control, AIMS Series in Applied Mathematics, Springfield Mo. 2007.
  2. A. Bressan, Noncooperative differential games. Milan J. of Mathematics, 79 (2011), 357--427.

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On collective motion and self-organization in living world

  1. S. Gluzman, D. Karpeev and L. Berlyand, Effective viscosity of puller-like microswimmers: a renormalization approach, J. Royal Society Interface, accepted, 2013.
  2. S. Ryan, L. Berlyand, B. Haines and D. Karpeev, A kinetic model for semi-dilute bacterial suspensions, SIAM MMS accepted, 2013.

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On superconducting and superfluidity

  1. O. Iaroshenko, V. Rybalko, V. Vinokur and L. Berlyand, Vortex phase separation in mesoscopic superconductors, Scientific Reports: Nature Publishing, Group 3, 2013.
  2. L. Berlyand, P. Mironescu, V. Rybalko and E. Sandier, Minimax Critical Points in Ginzburg-Landau Problems with Semi-stiff Boundary Conditions: Existence and Bubbling, Comm. in PDEs, accepted, 2013.

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On models of controlled biological growth

  1. A.Bressan and M.Lewicka, A model of controlled growth, submitted.
  2. A.Bressan, M.Palladino, and W.Shen, Growth models for tree stems and vines, J. Differential Equations, to appear.

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