Center for Interdisciplinary Mathematics
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Previous lectures

Apr 3, 2014 Willard 062 Leonid BerlyandMultiscale PDE models of motility in active biosystems
Mar 28, 2014 MB 114 Aaron Nung Kwan YipMotion of Interfaces in a Lattice Model for Phase and Grain Boundaries
Mar 18, 2014 MB 216 Wen ShenMathematical models for enhanced oil recovery in petroleum engineering
Dec 9, 2013 MB 106 Melik C. DemirelMechanics of Protein Adhesion
Oct 31, 2013 MSC 306 A/B Leonid Berlyand PDE/ODE models of motility in active biosystems
Oct 11, 2013 MB 114 Saeid Khorsandi Method of characteristics solutions for compositional floods.
Sep 23, 2013 MB 106 Ed Green Equilibrium bidding in complementary auction
Sep 9, 2013 MB 106 Alberto BressanModeling Traffic Flow on Networks