Computational and Applied Mathematics Colloquium Series

Penn State University
Department of Mathematics
Fridays, 3:35-4:30 PM

106 McAllister Building

Other CAM Seminars:

PDEs and Numerical Methods Seminar Series: a less formal weekly seminar related to research activities at CCMA
The Pritchard Lab seminar: a flexible forum in which scientists of all disciplines can present research where mathematics might contribute.
CAM Luncheon Seminar: a lunch seminar for graduate students to meet and interact with CAM personnels.

Spring 2007

19 Jan   Roberto Camassa
 Department of Mathematics 
 University of North Carolina
 Spinning rods, microfluidics, and mucus propulsion by cilia in the lung.

26 Jan    Jose Carrillo de la Plata
  ICREA and Departament de Matematiques
 Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
 Inelastic colliding particles: contractive distances and hydrodynamics

2 Feb   Marius Mitrea
 Department of Mathematics
 University of Missouri-Columbia
 The regularity of Green potentials and the solution of the Chang-Krantz-Stein conjecture

9 Feb   Richard Brower
 Physics Department
 Boston University
  The Challenge for Multi-grid in Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics

16 Feb   Bo Su
 Department of Mathematics
 Iowa State University
  $\Gamma-$ limit of Folding Energy Problem

23 Feb   Mark Williams
 Department of Mathematics
 University of North Carolina
  Nonclassical multidimensional shocks

2 Mar   Eric Vanden-Eijnden
 Courant Institute
 New York University
  Rare events in spatially extended media

9 Mar   Richard Lehoucq
 Sandia National Labs
  Discrete dynamical systems and iterative eigensolvers

  No Colloquium

23 Mar   David Ambrose
 Department of Mathematical Sciences
  Clemson University
  Free Surface Problems in Irrotational 3D Fluids

30 Mar   Kevin Zumbrun
 Mathematics Department
 Indiana University
 Hopf bifurcation of viscous shock and detonation waves

6 Apr   Ricardo Nochetto
 Department of Mathematics and
 Institute for Physical Science and Technology
 University of Maryland

13 Apr   Richard Falk
 Department of Mathematics
 Rutgers University
  Mixed finite element methods for the equations of linear elasticity with weakly imposed symmetry

19 Apr 
SPECIAL TIME: 1:25-2:15 
SPECIAL PLACE: 315 McAllister 
 Liviu Dinu
 Institute of Mathematics
 of the Romanian Academy
  Nondegeneracy, from the prospect of wave-wave regular interactions of a gas dynamic type

20 Apr   Debora Amadori
 Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics
 University of L'Aquila (Italy)
  On the homogenization of conservation laws with oscillatory source

27 Apr   Andrea Nahmod
 Department of Mathematics
 University of Massachusetts
  A T(1,1)-theorem for modulation invariant bilinear pseudodifferential operators

4 May   Athanasios Tzavaras
  Department of Mathematics
  University of Maryland
  On kinetic models for dilute suspensions of rigid rods

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