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Title:Integral Geometry, hypergroups and a question of I.M. Gelfand
Seminar:Geometry Luncheon Seminar
Speaker:Grigori Litvinov, French-Russian Laboratory "Poncelet" and Independent University of Moscow
It is well known that the Radon Transform is closely related to the classical Fourier transform and harmonic analysis on the additive groups of finite-dimensional real linear spaces. In this talk we discuss ``similar" interrelations between standard problems of Integral Geometry (in the sense of Gelfand and Graev) and harmonic analysis on certain commutative hypergroups (in the sense of J. Delsarte). These interrelations may be interpreted as an answer to an old question of I.M. Gelfand concerning algebraic foundations of Integral Geometry.

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Room Number:MB114
Date:03 / 30 / 2011
Time:12:20pm - 01:30pm