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Title:Quantitative ergodicity for some nilflows on higher step nilmanifolds
Seminar:Working Seminar: Dynamics and its Working Tools
Speaker:Giovanni Forni, University of Maryland
This is the fourth lecture form the DISTINGUISHED VISITING PROFESSOR LECTURE SERIES ``INVARIANT DISTRIBUTIONS AND RENORMALIZATION IN PARABOLIC DYNAMICS.'' ======================================================== We describe joint work with L. Flaminio which addresses the problem of quantitative ergodicity in one case where no 'natural' renormalization dynamics seem to exist. We argue that 'renormaization' , that is a full-fledged hyperbolic dynamical system exhibiting non-trivial recurrence, can be replaced by a rescaling with trivial, non-recurrent dynamics as long as one is able to control the escape rate of points in a 'deformation' space. We conclude by surveying related results, open questions and directions for future research.

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Room Number:MB216
Date:02 / 01 / 2011
Time:03:30pm - 06:00pm