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Title:Lacunary hyperbolic groups
Seminar:Center for Dynamics and Geometry Seminars
Speaker:Mark Sapir, Vanderbilt
A group is called lacunary hyperbolic if one of its asymptotic cones is a tree. A finitely presented lacunary hyperbolic group is hyperbolic by a "Cartan-hadamard" statement (proved by Gromov with details provided by Kapovich and Kleiner), but infinitely presented lacunary hyperbolic groups can be elementary amenable and Tarski monsters (all proper subgroups cyclic), etc. We use lacunary hyperbolic groups to answer several questions of Gromov, Kleiner and others. This is a joint work with A. Olshanskii and D. Osin.

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Room Number:MB106
Date:10 / 13 / 2010
Time:03:35pm - 05:05pm