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Title:The Karlsson--Ledrappier proof of the multiplicative ergodic theorem
Seminar:Working Seminar: Dynamics and its Working Tools
Speaker:Van Cyr, Penn State
Twenty years ago Kaimanovich had observed that the multiplicative ergodic theorem of Oseledets can be viewed as a statement on the divergence of a stationary random walk of matrices is an "asymptotic direction". Karlsson and Margulis used this idea to give a new "geometric" proof of Oseledets's theorem. A couple of years ago, Karlsson and Ledrappier came up with an even simpler proof of the Oseledets theorem along these lines. I will describe their proof.

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Room Number:MB216
Date:04 / 27 / 2010
Time:03:30pm - 06:00pm