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Title:Variational construction of parabolic solutions in the N-Body Problem
Seminar:Center for Dynamics and Geometry Seminars
Speaker:Andrea Venturelli, University of Avignon
Let us consider N point masses attracting each others with a Newto- nian force field. A solution of the N -body problem is said to be totally parabolic (as time go to +∞) if all mutual distances are unbounded but the speed of every body goes to zero. For such a solution the ω-limit of the normalized configuration is contained in the set of Central Configu- rations. We prove the following result : given a normalized minimizing Central Configuration x0 and any configuration xi , there exists a par- abolic solution starting at xi at the initial time and asymptotic to x0 . This solution is a global minimizer of the Lagrangian action functional and it is constructed using the direct methods of the Calculus of Vari- ations. It is a joint work with Ezequiel Maderna (Universidad de la Republica, Monteviedo, (UY)).

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Room Number:MB106
Date:09 / 28 / 2009
Time:03:30pm - 05:30pm