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Title:Entropy in measurable dynamics, I
Seminar:Working Seminar: Dynamics and its Working Tools
Speaker:Lewis Bowen, Texas A & M University
This is the first talk of a 3-part series. It will be an elementary introduction to entropy theory and a survey of classical results. Entropy in dynamics was initiated by A. N. Kolmogorov (1958) who was motivated by the problem of classifying measure-preserving transformations. In 1970, D. Ornstein made a revolutionary breakthrough by showing, among other results, that entropy completely classifies Bernoulli shifts over the integers. In the 70s and 80s entropy theory was extended to actions of amenable groups by many authors. Counterexamples in an influential paper of Ornstein-Weiss (1987) suggested that entropy theory could not be extended to non-amenable groups.

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Room Number:MB216
Date:09 / 29 / 2009
Time:03:30pm - 06:00pm