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Title:The Dynamical Yang-Baxter on a Poisson-Lie group
Seminar:Symplectic Topology Seminar
Speaker:Ian Marshall, PSU
The ``classical dynamical Yang-Baxter equation'' defined on a given Lie algebra has been shown to be associated with the structure of a Poisson Lie groupoid, in analogy to the relation existing between the classical YB equation and a Poisson Lie group. Various results were known from studies of physical models concerning the extension of this study to the level when the Lie algebra and its dual, are replaced by a Poisson Lie group and its dual group. In this talk I will explain how one arrives at the dynamical YB defined rather on a PLG than on a Lie algebra. I will also discuss its solution.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number:MB315
Date:04 / 30 / 2009
Time:01:25pm - 02:15pm