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Title:Self-healing materials systems: mechanics meets chemistry
Seminar:The Pritchard Lab Seminar
Speaker:Nancy Sottos, Dept of Material Science & Engineering, University of Illinois
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Inspired by biological systems in which damage triggers an autonomic healing response, polymeric materials have been developed that possess the ability to self-heal. Our first generation incorporates a micro-encapsulated monomer and a catalyst within a brittle epoxy matrix. When cracks develop, the microcapsules rupture and release monomer into the damaged region. As monomer contacts the embedded catalyst, polymerization is initiated, bonding the crack faces closed. Once healed, the material can recover over 90% of its virgin fracture toughness. Several advances have been achieved, including the development of faster healing kinetics, the ability to heal dynamic crack growth, and the extension to smaller size scales. Although this microencapsulated approach yields high healing efficiencies, the number of possible events is limited by the supply of healing agent in the capsules. Healing in biological systems is accomplished by a pervasive vascular network that continuously supplies the necessary components. A second generation of self-healing materials with an interconnected microvascular network has been created to emulate many of the key responses of biological vascular systems. This concept is applied to heal cracks in a brittle coating on a substrate containing the network. Through optimal design of this network, this approach can be extended to integrate pumps, valves, and internal reservoirs, as well as to introduce self-diagnosis or self-cooling. The talk will conclude with a discussion of new molecular-based approaches for self-healing.

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Room Number:MB106
Date:10 / 01 / 2007
Time:11:15am - 12:15pm