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Title:The homology of topological modular forms
Seminar:Topology/Geometry Seminar
Speaker:Paul Pearson, University of Rochester
The mod 2 homology of the spaces in the connective Omega-spectrum of topological modular forms (tmf) is a Hopf ring. Every mod 2 Hopf ring is equivalent to a Dieudonne' ring. We calculate the Dieudonne' ring for the nonnegatively graded spaces in the spectrum tmf, and show that it splits into two parts that occasionally overlap. One part comes from the homology of the spectrum tmf, and the other part comes from the homology of QS^k, the kth space in the Omega-spectrum of the sphere.

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Room Number:260 Hawthorn, Altoona
Date:03 / 20 / 2008
Time:05:10pm - 06:10pm