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Title:"On ergodicity of geodesic flows and nondense orbits of certain partially hyperbolic systems"
Seminar:Ph.D. Thesis Defense
Speaker:Weisheng Wu, Advisers: Federico Rodriguez-Herts and Anatole Katok, Penn State
Abstract Link:http://
We present two results on two different dynamical systems with certain hyperbolic behavior. In the first one, we consider the geodesic flows in a rank one surface of nonpositive curvature. While the ergodicity of geodesic flow in surfaces of negative curvature is well known since 1940's by Hopf, the ergodicity in rank one case remains open. We will present a proof of ergodicity in rank one case under a condition. In the second part, we discuss a result on the full Hausdorff dimension of the set of points with nondense forword orbit in partially hyperbolic systems with conformal unstable manifolds. Particularly we will talk about Schmidt games and how to build measures with pointwise dimension converging to dim(M) from a result due to McMullen.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number:144 Fenske Laboratory
Date:04 / 22 / 2014
Time:10:00am - 12:00pm