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Title:Free Products as Topological Groups in Dynamics,I
Seminar:Working Seminar: Dynamics and its Working Tools
Speaker:Kurt Vinhage, Penn State
In the study of partially hyperbolic homogeneous systems, the Lyapunov manifolds become cosets of unipotent subgroups and their free product appears as a natural object of study. At best, the natural topology of such a free product can be described as unpleasant, with key properties like local compactness and first countability failing. In these talks, we will see how dynamical and topological arguments can be used to tame these complexities, leading to a local rigidity result. In particular, we will see two powerful and classical theorems on topological groups appear (one of Montgomery-Zippin and another of Gleason-Palais), and prove one of them. Time-permitting, we will see how free products may also appear in a non-homogeneous setting.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number:MB216
Date:11 / 18 / 2014
Time:03:30pm - 06:00pm