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Title:Measure rigidity of higher rank algebraic Z^r actions, I.
Seminar:Working Seminar: Dynamics and its Working Tools
Speaker:Zhiren Wang, Penn State
As a natural extension of the long-standing Furstenberg conjecture, it is expected that invariant measures under Z^r actions by toral automorphisms must be of algebraic nature when r>1. To have such rigidity phenomena, one has to exclude rank-one factors. If one assumes in addition that there is no zero-entropy factor, measure rigidity was first established by Katok-Spatzier for totally non-symplectic, and then by Einsiedler-Lindenstrauss in general. In this talk, we will sketch the Einsiedler-Lindenstrauss approach and explain how it generalizes to Z^r actions by nilmanifold automorphisms.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number:MB216
Date:09 / 23 / 2014
Time:03:30pm - 06:00pm