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Title:A Saddle-Point Formulation And Finite Element Method For The Stefan Problem With Surface Tension
Seminar:Complex Fluids Seminar
Speaker:Shawn Walker, Louisiana State University
A dual formulation is proposed for the Stefan problem with surface tension (Gibbs-Thomson law). The method uses a mixed form of the heat equation in the solid and liquid domains, and imposes the interface motion law (on the solid-liquid interface) as a constraint. Well-posedness of the time semi-discrete and fully discrete (finite element) formulations is proved in 3-D, as well as an a priori bound, conservation law, and error estimates with low regularity assumptions on the solution. Simulations of interface growth (in two dimensions) are presented to illustrate the method. This is joint work with Christopher Davis (LSU).

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Room Number:MB216
Date:04 / 25 / 2014
Time:02:30pm - 03:30pm