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Title:Semi-mechanistic Modeling and its Application in Understanding Immune Cell Migration
Seminar:Mathematical Biology and Physiology Seminar
Speaker:Hongyu Miao, Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology, University of Rochester
Semi-mechanistic modeling (SMM) is a flexible and powerful technique that allows one to quantitatively describe a dynamic system with unclear or undistinguishable interactions. However, the traditional SMM technique uses constant coefficients to represent unknown interactions and thus may fail to capture the essence of a dynamic process. In the past few years, we have developed the generalized semi-mechanistic modeling (GSMM) technique and paid particular attention to the identifiability analysis and parameter estimation problems associated with GSMM. We applied GSMM to our experiment data on three major immune cell types (CD4, CD8, and antibody-secreting cells) involved in adaptive responses against influenza virus infection in mice. The results suggest several interesting and novel characteristics of immune cell migration heterogeneity and the linkage between cell phenotype and proliferation.

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Room Number:MB114
Date:04 / 18 / 2014
Time:12:00pm - 01:00pm