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Title:Braided noncommutative join construction
Seminar:Noncommutative Geometry Seminar
Speaker:Piotr Hajac, Polish Academy of Sciences
We construct the join of noncommutative Galois objects (quantum torsors) over a Hopf algebra H. To ensure that the join algebra enjoys the natural (diagonal) coaction of H, we braid the tensor product of the Galois objects. Then we show that this coaction is principal. Our examples are built from the noncommutative torus with the natural free action of the classical torus, and a certain finite-dimensional non-cosemisimple Hopf algebra thought of as a Galois object over itself. The former yields a noncommutative deformation of a non-trivial torus bundle, and the latter a finite quantum covering. (Joint work with L. Dabrowski, T. Hadfield and E. Wagner.)

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Room Number:MB106
Date:02 / 13 / 2014
Time:02:30pm - 03:30pm