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Title:On local structure of Finsler torus without conjugate points
Seminar:Geometry Luncheon Seminar
Speaker:Dong Chen, Penn State
In this talk I will present a recent joint work with Dimitri Burago. We proved, given a point on a Finsler surface, one can always find a neighborhood of the point and isometrically embed this neighborhood into a Finsler torus without conjugate points. This result does not hold in Riemannian cases, due to Burago and Ivanov, who proved Hopf's conjecture, that is, Riemannian tori without conjugate points are flat. In order to prove this we need to extend the notion of Busemann functions and make some perturbation and extension of such functions.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number:MB114
Date:09 / 25 / 2013
Time:12:00pm - 01:30pm