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Title:"Numerical simulation of solar cells"
Seminar:Ph.D. Oral Comprehensive Examination
Speaker:Yicong Ma, Adviser: Jinchao Xu, Penn State
Abstract Link:http://
Solar energy plays an important role nowadays and can make considerable contributions to solving some of the most urgent problems the world now faces. Its efficiency is usually measured by the so-called power conversion efficiency, which mainly depends on the nano-structure of unit solar cell. Instead of time-consuming and expensive experiments, numerical simulation plays a crucial role in designing unit solar cell to improve the power conversion efficiency with much lower costs. In the simulation of solar cells, we need to solve Maxwell equation with complex and jump coefficients, and the resulting linear systems are highly indefinite and challenging. In this talk, I will introduce the basic physical model of the optical process of the unit solar cell. We use finite element method to discrete the model problem and use efficient linear solvers based on Hiptmair-Xu preconditioner to solve the linear system from finite element discretization. Preliminary test results will be presented.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number:319 HHD-East
Date:04 / 09 / 2013
Time:09:00am - 11:00am