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Title:Livsic Theorem for cocycles with values in Banach Algebras and the group of diffeomorphisms.
Seminar:Center for Dynamics and Geometry Seminars
Speaker:Misha Guysinsky, Penn State
We will generalize the Livsic Theorem that a Holder continuous cocycle over a transitive Anosov map is a coboundary if and only if the product of the values over every periodic orbit is the identity element. This theorem was proved for cocycles with values in abelian groups by Livsic, in matrix (and more generally Lie groups) by B.Kalinin. We will prove it for cocycles with values in Banach Algebras and groups of diffeomorphisms of compact manifolds.

Room Reservation Information

Room Number:MB114
Date:11 / 04 / 2013
Time:03:35pm - 04:35pm